Got an idea, unique life journey, or memorable experience you want to share with the world? Whether a memoir, an inspirational self-help or a useful guide to business, health, leadership, or faith, I’ll bring your idea to life on the page.


How can I help? Depends on what you need! My clients come from all walks of life—celebrities, athletes, military leaders, pastors, physicians, motivational speakers, professors, and others. The clients that find me usually don’t have the time or skills to sit down and write a whole book in anywhere from two to four months. (Trust me, it’s a lot more work than you think.) This is where I come in.

Book Coach

Every book is different and requires a unique approach. Sometimes I write from scratch from recorded meetings, notes, research, and musings from the client. Sometimes I doctor books already written by my clients. Sometimes I coach, guiding fellow writers along the way. Whatever my role, I commit to creating a well-crafted and artful book that will change lives. Because that’s what matters most, writing a book that will make a difference.

The people who entrust me to write their lives, passions, and ideas have remarkable journeys. I’m grateful for all they do. And they’re worth being represented in a book that reflects their vision and their heart with excellence.

Book Proposals

I also create book proposals that are used to present book ideas to publishing companies. Through my extensive experience working with literary agents and publishing houses, I know what works and what doesn’t