About AJ

A.J. Gregory writes about real life. She is the author of two books, Messy Faith and Silent Savior, which chronicles finding faith in the middle of unavoidable and sometimes harsh realities. She also partners with amazing people—celebrities, athletes, military leaders, life coaches, pastors, physicians, professors—to write their own stories. An accomplished writer, A.J. has collaborated with fascinating high-profile figures on over thirty-five books including Tim Tebow on Shaken and Pattie Mallette, Justin Bieber’s mom, on Nowhere But Up. Some of her books are New York Times bestsellers. One of A.J.’s recent works, Shaken, with Tim Tebow was awarded 2017 Christian Book of the Year.

Born and raised in the Garden State, A.J. is a true Jersey girl who dons hair that always has just a little bit of pouf. When she was twenty-three, she packed her bags and said goodbye to her friends, family, and a cushy job as an event planner for Accenture. Goodbye Jersey, hello Nashville. With stars in her eyes and a dream in her heart, A.J. drove fourteen hours in a sputtering jalopy to plant herself on the soil of the Music City. To, of course, become a star…or something like that.

Life didn't quite turn out the way she had expected.

Through a series of slipups, stumbles and painful yet eye-opening realizations, her life plan took a divine detour. In the throes of a faith crisis and an addiction, she was inspired to travel in a new direction. A.J. journaled her tumultuous inner struggles--writings which would become two published books. She also partnered with a literary agent and started her own writing business helping others find their voice through their stories.

So began her journey breathing life into words.

A wife and a mother to three little ones, A.J. enjoys spending time with her family and writing books. She resides in New Jersey, of course.